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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) About Me &

As my following continues to grow (thank you all so much!), I am starting to get a lot of similar questions from my Facebook, Instagram, and via my site. I noticed a number of common themes throughout the questions I've received since launching in March 2018, so I decided to compile this FAQ list so as… Continue reading FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) About Me &

Becoming Dr. Ashlei

My NBCC Fellowship year has come to an end. :-(

In February 2017, I received a life-changing phone call telling me I received a fellowship I'd applied for some months prior. I was numb.  I was in shock.  And I'm pretty sure I stopped breathing for about 10 seconds.  Further, in March 2017, a press release was sent out through various listservs, newspapers, and pages… Continue reading My NBCC Fellowship year has come to an end. 😦

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I’m a Therapist, NOT a “Healer”.

I've seen a number of fellow therapists/counselors call themselves "healers", and it never sat well with me for some odd reason. I could never bring myself to identify as one who "heals" people who seek therapy. heal·er ˈhēlər/ 1. a person who claims to be able to cure a disease of injury using special powers 2.… Continue reading I’m a Therapist, NOT a “Healer”.