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Ashlei’s Bookshelf: Milk & Honey

Book: Milk & Honey by Rupi Kaur Genre: Poetry Readability: 5/5 Length: 208 pages Cost: ~$9.00 on Amazon Overall: 5/5   So I probably haven't read a poetry book since my mom bought me Shel Silverstein's Where the Sidewalk Ends way back in the day. I remember really enjoying reading poetry, too! But I must admit that… Continue reading Ashlei’s Bookshelf: Milk & Honey

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I’m a Therapist, NOT a “Healer”.

I've seen a number of fellow therapists/counselors call themselves "healers", and it never sat well with me for some odd reason. I could never bring myself to identify as one who "heals" people who seek therapy. heal·er ˈhēlər/ 1. a person who claims to be able to cure a disease of injury using special powers 2.… Continue reading I’m a Therapist, NOT a “Healer”.


Why I Dumped Tampons for a Menstrual Cup

I've been wearing a combination of pads and tampons since my menstrual cycle began sometime in middle school. Tampons usually during the day and pads normally at night. It wasn't until very recently that I pondered on just how much waste I was producing and how much money I was spending on tampons and pads... I'm… Continue reading Why I Dumped Tampons for a Menstrual Cup