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Ashlei’s Bookshelf: Presumed Incompetent

Presumed Incompetent is not just a book for women of color; it is a volume about women of color but one that is for men and women of all races and ethnicities. It provides rare insights for those of us who are not women of color into the experiences, perspectives, goals, and realities of a significant constituency in academia. --John F. Dovidio

Becoming Dr. Ashlei

My NBCC Fellowship year has come to an end. :-(

In February 2017, I received a life-changing phone call telling me I received a fellowship I'd applied for some months prior. I was numb.  I was in shock.  And I'm pretty sure I stopped breathing for about 10 seconds.  Further, in March 2017, a press release was sent out through various listservs, newspapers, and pages… Continue reading My NBCC Fellowship year has come to an end. 😦

Travel & Culture

I Met My 97-Year-Old Great-Grandfather for the First Time!

This past week in Dominica, I had the extreme pleasure of meeting for the very first time my great-grandfather, Aborfield Rabess. Going into this encounter, I wasn't sure what to expect. Would he know who I was? After all, he has a large number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren all over the world... Would he even… Continue reading I Met My 97-Year-Old Great-Grandfather for the First Time!

Ashlei's Bookshelf

Ashlei’s Bookshelf: Milk & Honey

Book: Milk & Honey by Rupi Kaur Genre: Poetry Readability: 5/5 Length: 208 pages Cost: ~$9.00 on Amazon Overall: 5/5   So I probably haven't read a poetry book since my mom bought me Shel Silverstein's Where the Sidewalk Ends way back in the day. I remember really enjoying reading poetry, too! But I must admit that… Continue reading Ashlei’s Bookshelf: Milk & Honey

Counselor 2 Counselor · Mental Health & Wellness

I’m a Therapist, NOT a “Healer”.

I've seen a number of fellow therapists/counselors call themselves "healers", and it never sat well with me for some odd reason. I could never bring myself to identify as one who "heals" people who seek therapy. heal·er ˈhēlər/ 1. a person who claims to be able to cure a disease of injury using special powers 2.… Continue reading I’m a Therapist, NOT a “Healer”.


Please Stop Asking Me To Explain My Tattoos

I am 24 years old with 4 tattoos. I love each of my tattoos for different reasons, and they each hold a special place in my heart and mind. I often find myself gazing at the artwork on my body, amazed at the possibilities and beauties of life that is self-expression through tattoo ink. When… Continue reading Please Stop Asking Me To Explain My Tattoos