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Know Thyself: What is Self-Awareness, and How Do You Increase It? | Self-Awareness Series Part 1 of 6

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Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.


“Self-awareness”…. Awareness of one self… Easy enough right?

Maybe not so much.

Self-awareness is a lifelong journey of knowing yourself, what makes you you, and knowing why you act and think the way that you do. But don’t think that increasing your self-awareness is an easy task. It involves exploring every part of you — even the not-so-good parts. 

Self-awareness can be achieved a number of different ways, but most of them fall under the umbrella of self-reflection.

Acts of self-reflection include engaging in observation, interpretation, and evaluation to make conscious choices in considering your own actions, intentions, and motives in the way that you navigate the world around you. This might also involve taking a look at your strengths and weaknesses, your thoughts and beliefs, and even your personality. As you can see, self-awareness and self-reflection go hand in hand.

What’s the benefit of increasing self-awareness?

Self-awareness gives you insight into your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. When you are more self-aware, you are better able to change in order to get the outcomes that you so desire.

In essence, more self-aware = more control over your life = improved outcomes = a happier you.

So, are you ready to improve your life by becoming more self-aware? Join me in a journey of self-exploration, self-discovery, self-reflection, and self-awareness through my Self-Awareness Series! Stay tuned for Parts 2 through 6 in the coming weeks. Be sure to subscribe to my blog and/or follow me on Instagram and Facebook to receive the latest post notifications.

Be well.♥

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