FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) About Me & CounselorAshlei.com

As my following continues to grow (thank you all so much!), I am starting to get a lot of similar questions from my Facebook, Instagram, and via my site.

I noticed a number of common themes throughout the questions I’ve received since launching in March 2018, so I decided to compile this FAQ list so as to share some information and to potentially save you (and me) some time.

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About Me

You’re getting a PhD, so you’ll be a doctor and able to prescribe psychotropic medicine?

No.  PhD stands for “Doctor of Philosophy”, which is different from becoming a medical doctor (MD).  I have no desire to prescribe medicine, and it isn’t a goal of mine.

What’s the point of being called “doctor” if you can’t prescribe medicine?

Earning a PhD in the counseling field typically opens up opportunities to work in academia as a professor.  This means that I will be able to train future counselors and engage in research that will ultimately impact the field.  These are goals of mine.

How did you know you wanted to become a counselor?

Check out this post about my journey that I wrote to find out all the deets!

How does one go about becoming a counselor?

In the United States, in order to become a counselor, you must earn a bachelor’s degree (can be in any field) as well as a master’s degree in counseling.

Further, you must be licensed in order to practice without supervision.  So post-masters degree in counseling, you will have to obtain the number of clinical hours required by your state board in order to become licensed and be able to practice independently.

How do you balance school, work, blogging, and living?!

I use a combination of a planner and a bullet journal to organize my life.  I write everything down, schedule in every block of time in my day (even my self-care!) and I do my best to stick to it.  It gets hectic and sometimes I’m not able to accomplish it all, but flexibility and self-compassion are key.

About Counseling & CounselorAshlei.com

How do I go about finding a counselor?

Check out The Beginner’s Guide to Finding the Right Therapist for detailed information.

Aren’t you afraid your clients will see your page/site?  Has a client ever asked you about your site before?

Yes, I’ve had a number of clients mention that they’ve stumbled upon my counseling social media accounts as well as my site.  I don’t post anything I wouldn’t want my clients to see.  I am happy that they’re able to see that my passion for mental health extends beyond the counseling room!  Moreover, I hope that my site can be a helpful resource to my clients and others.

How did you start your blog?

WordPress is the bomb!  It’s very user-friendly even if you’re not too tech- and website-savvy.  I highly recommend it.

I brainstormed some ideas, developed my mission and vision for the site, and went from there!  The rest is history.

Do you make money from blogging?

I’m an Amazon affiliate, meaning that  I earn a small percentage from the sales that are linked through my website.  I mostly post the links in my “Ashlei’s Bookshelf” posts.  So, when someone clicks on the link from my site and buys the book from Amazon, I earn a portion of the sales.

However, being an Amazon affiliate doesn’t exactly mean that I can quit my day job (haha); it’s not that much of an earning.  Good thing I actually enjoy my day job.

I hope this FAQ was helpful!

Be well & take care.♥


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